animal ice smash

Free The Animals! Animal Ice Smash Toddler Activity

This activity has been on repeat over here. G will bring me an empty ice cube tray with his animals already strategically placed in there and say “mommy freeze animals.”

I love how easy this is to set up. All you need is the power of time. I often get this set up the night before, but if I forget (and if my toddler doesn’t remind me 😉 I will do it in the morning and the animal ice smash will be ready to go post-nap time.

What you need:

Ice Cube Trays
Little Toy Animals – you can often find some mini dinosaurs or something at a dollar store or the Target Dollar Spot.
But we like using these:
Animal Counters
Bear Counters
Mallet/Toy Hammer

What to do:

  1. Put the animals in each ice cube tray, fill it with water, and then stick them in the freezer wait for it to freeze.
  2. Pop them out of the ice cube tray. May need to run under warm water.
  3. Grab a toy hammer and let your kiddo have fun whacking away at the ice as you encourage them to try and “set the animals free!

Variations: Don’t have an ice cube tray? Add a bunch of animals to a larger Tupperware bin. This will take longer to break through and can be more fun for the older kids.

And some food coloring to the water before freezing for a fun change.

Can’t wait to see how this activity works out for you! If you try it, tag me at @runlikekale so I can share it with my audience. I love to see your variations.

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