Ever wanted to run a half marathon but didn’t know where to begin? I have created for you a free 13 week beginner half marathon training guide. It starts out with just a one mile run the first week, and slowly helps you build up to 13.1!

In this PDF, you will get three copies of the training guide. Each guide follows the same running schedule, but one has inspirational quotes as the boarder, and another copy has just been resized to be a half page instead of a full page.

I strategically left the week days at the top of the calendar blank so you can print it off and fill in the day that best fits your schedule. I have also added date boxes on the top right corner for you to fill in. I also put the miles you are running inside circles so you can color them in, or check them off when you are finished.

I have also included a PDF of my 7 running tips to help you get started.

A few years ago I took a group of people to Austin to run their first ever half marathon. They all followed this training guide, and they all finished injury free! I hope this half marathon training guide can help you the same way it helped them. If you choose to follow this program please tag me on instagram @RunLikeKale and #runlikekale throughout your training! I would LOVE to see how you’re doing.

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