Toddler Activity: Egg / Ball Drop with PVC Pipes

The plastic Easter eggs that fill this season open up SO many fun new learning activities for your children.

Last year, when G was about 8 months old, I created this “Easter Eggs & Bunny Tails” sensory bin for him that he played in it non stop.

I filled up the eggs with beans and rice to create shakers. And hot glued pom poms and various ribbons to the outside to create fun new textures.

This year, we took the colored eggs and have been using them like balls to drop through a large curved PVC pipe piece and make an “egg drop” game.

We’re working on matching up the colored eggs with the correct colored tube. I’m only doing 2 colors at a time so as to not overwhelm him.

I think these plastic Easter eggs work great because you can get them in so many different colors and they are cost effective! But you can always use balls or pom poms for the same effect.

What you need:

Large curved PVC pipe (as many as you want)

Spray paint

Plastic Easter Eggs /balls/ pom poms

What to do:

Spray paint your PVC pipe to match the colors of the eggs you are using.

Secure it to a wall. I just put a screw through our and mounted it to the wall.

You can also print off the name of the colors you are working on and place them above the PVC so your child can begin recognizing and associating those letters with that color.