Fine Motor Activity: Food Pouch Top Twister

What is a fine motor activity?

Fine motor skills are the movements your child makes using their small muscles, like those found in the fingers and wrists. When they pick up a bean and put it in a cup, they are using those fine motor skills. Fine motor activities are the activities that focus on developing those more precise movements and help your child strengthen their hand-eye coordination.

G has always loved twisting the tops off of pouches and putting them on and taking them off, on and off, over and over again. This is a great and simple fine motor activity. Let your child put the lid on and off a water bottle, pouch, pot, etc.

To take this activity to a new level. I made this:

He was in twisty top heaven.

What you need for this fine motor activity:

Empty pouches that have been cleaned out and the tops

cardboard box


duck tape

What to do:

Cut the clean pouches to where there is about 1/3 left at the top.

Then cut up the sides so you can open it up and lay it flat.

Tape each edge to your cardboard backing.

Sit back and watch your toddler have fun developing those fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

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