How To Make Your Own Standing Sensory Table With PVC Pipes

Since G has been standing up and walking around things for a while, I thought it was time to pull his sensory bin off the floor and make it a little higher so he can stand and play. But when I was looking them up to buy, I found sensory tables ranging from $90 to even *gasp* $400! I mean really?! Does the table do all the playing for your children as well?? Needless to say, we were going to make our own because I don’t know about you but this mama’s on a budget!

PVC pipes to the rescue!

This sensory table really is so easy to build and the PVC pipes make it much lighter than a wooden table would be.

Watch the full video tutorial:

What you need:

Pipe cutter – trust me it will make your life so much easier

Large Plastic Tub- I got this 28qt tub from Target for only $4.50!

  • Dimensions: 6.000 inches H x 16.250 inches W x 23.000 inches L

2 – 10ft 3/4″ PVC Pipes

4 – 3 way elbows (3/4″)

12- 3/4″ T Connectors


Measuring tape

We chose not to glue ours and it has worked fine, but if you want to make yours even sturdier then get some pvc glue.

*Note: We made this according to my son’s height. I also wanted it to be able to grow with him. So we have it to where I can add PVC pipe extensions to the bottom as he gets taller.  I encourage you to measure how tall your children are and make it at a height appropriate for them.


  1. Measure and cut the pipes at these dimensions:
    A – 22 in (cut 2 at this size)
    B- 15.25 in (cut 6 at this size)
    C- 6 in (cut 8 at this size)
    D- 8 in (cut 2 at this size)
    E- 3.75 in (cut 4 at this size)
  2. Now we are going to assemble each side in sections.

    Section 1: TOP
    A+ elbow + B +elbow + A+ elbow + B +elbowSection 2: Middle
    C + T + D +T+ C
    B            B
    C + T + D + T+CSection 3 & 4: Sides (make two)
    T + C + T + E
    T + C + T + E
  3.  Assemble it all together.

Can’t wait to see how these tables turn out!

Not ready to make it today? PIN IT for late:

Check out the sensory play page for some fun ideas of what to put in this tub.

Try it with colored rice and attach a funnel to drop it into.

Or maybe some good clean foamy fun.



  1. This looks amazing! Love it! How tall is your son? How did you figure out the dimensions of it?

    1. He’s about 32 in tall (last I measured) but we just kind of eyeballed to make it around his chest height. He’s grown since we first made it but that’s the nice part about this, you can add extra pieces to the bottom at any time to make it taller

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