Horchata Matcha

I first had one of these creamy iced horchata matcha drinks when we went out to lunch at True Food Kitchen this weekend. I have basically been thinking about it ever since and had to recreate it asap. I love the sweet and cinnamony horchata flavor combined with the earthy matcha. It’s my new favorite summer […]

Pumpkin Pie Nice Cream

Most of us know what banana “nice cream” is by now right? It’s basically the greatest thing ever. You take bananas, freeze them, blend them (just bananas, nothing else) and it creates this creamy dreamy soft serve consistency. It doesn’t need any sweetener. It’s literally just bananas, or at least that’s the oober basic version. But […]

Chickpea Salad Sandwich

The weather in Colorado is so perfect, it’s ridiculous (sorry Texas friends). All I want to do is be outside 24/7, whether it is in the form of running, hiking, biking, camping, canoeing, doing yoga in the park, playing volleyball, reading in my hammock, or just having a picnic with friends. All this activity though […]

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