Getting into the Groove of 2016 and my Bucket List

trial jan

I saw this phrase going around social media last week and immediately thought Yes, this is exactly how I feel. What was January? Where did it go? What happened? Is it still 2016? I’m so not prepared for this year, I haven’t even made my goals! What am I doing with my life? Amongst a stream of many other thoughts.

In January, I started and completed my 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification (that was 12 hours a day of intense work), helped my mother-in-law with her wedding (she was a stunning bride), and started working on my Private Pilot’s License. Cue exhaustion.  So now that we are into February, I’ve finally had a minute to sit down and think about what I want out of this year. You can read my last post about the Lessons I Learned in 2015 to Take into 2016.

Some people love to make New Year’s Resolutions, and then some people think they are the dumbest thing. I personally love to make a list of goals I have for that year. It works for me. I’m very driven by goals and like to have big picture things in front of me to work towards. It gives me something to look forward to each year. I love to look back on each year and think Oh yes, that was the year I accomplished this. And it was awesome. I like to have markers in life to see how far I’ve come.

As I sat down and started looking at my goals from years past, I realized (without knowing it) that a lot of them came from my “Bucket List.” And it got me thinking about how just about everyone has a bucket list of some sort, whether formally written out or just some ideas in their mind of things they would like to do/see/be before they ‘kick the bucket.’ Then I thought, what’s the point of having a bucket list if you never do any of them. What if every year you made a point to check just one of them off your list.

In the spirit of bucket lists, I decided to go back through mine, and it was honestly so fun (and eye opening) to see on paper how much I’ve gotten to experience in my life. It’s so easy to get caught up in the ever day happenings of the world and loose yourself in the now, and forget where you came from and what you’ve already done. I think it’s important to continually remind yourself of how blessed you are.

So for fun, here is my bucket list, both accomplished and unaccomplished, in no particular order.

Angela’s Ever-Growing Bucket List

  1. Get my Bachelors Degree (2011)
  2. Get my Masters Degree (2012)
  3. Be a great elementary teacher (2011-2015)
  4. Live in a different state for a year (one day)
  5. Run a marathon (2008)
  6. Qualify for the Boston Marathon (2009)
  7. Run Boston
  8. Complete a full 140.6 mile Ironman Triathlon (2013)
    Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 8.04.00 PM
  9. Run an Ultra Marathon (Bandera 50k 2009)
  10. Run a 50 miler (52 miles 2015)
  11. Run a 100 miler
  12. Start a blog (yay RLK!)
  13. Crash a wedding 😉
  14. Donate my hair (2011)
  15. See the world (this will never fully be finished)
  16. Sunbathe in Hawaii and go to a luau (2010 & 2014)
  17. Learn to Surf (2014)
  18. Hike a 14er
  19. White Water Rafting
  20. Camp in the mountains (2015)
  21. Go to a concert in the Red Rocks
  22. Hike the Appalachian trail
  23. Antelope Canyon
  24. Grand Canyon (2007)
  25. Moab Great Arches National Park (2015)
  26. Camp in a national park
  27. Go tubing down a river (2015)
  28. See the Redwood Forest and drive through a Redwood Tree
  29. Camp in Big Sur, California
  30. Take a road trip with a friend (2015)
  31. Visit New York City and run in Central Park
  32. Have ice cream at Serendipity
  33. Sand Boarding (2015)
  34. Snow Boarding (2015)
  35. Go snow skiing (2009)
    first ski trip
  36. See the Aurora Borealis, Alaska
  37. Tour wineries in Napa Valley
  38. Ride a cable car in San Francisco
  39. Drive America coast to coast
  40. Disney World (2009)
  41. Go on a cruise (2012)
  42. Fly first class international (2015)
  43. Go to an active Volcano (2014)
  44. Shower in a waterfall
  45. Swim with Dolphins (2011)
  46. Mush a dog sled
  47. Visit Africa and travel on a Safari
  48. Get Baptized in the Jordan River (2008)
  49. Float in the dead sea (2008)
  50. Spend a month living in and traveling Spain (2015)
  51. Learn Spanish fluently
  52. Learn to Salsa Dance in Spain (2015)
  53. Eat the best Pintxos in San Sebastian (2015)
  54. Eat at Michelin award-winning restaurant
  55. Ride a train (2015)
  56. Visit Portugal (2015)
  57. Drink Guinness at a pub in Ireland (2015)
  58. See the Cliffs of Moher (2015)
  59. Try to make a guard laugh at Buckingham Palace
  60. Wine tasting in the south of France
  61. Kiss on top of the Eiffel Tower
  62. Walk the Castle Walls in Dubrovnik, Croatia
  63. Visit Croatia’s National Parks
  64. Island hop in Greece
  65. Go to a music festival out of the country (Bilbao 2015)
  66. Eat the best pasta and pizza in Italy
  67. Kayak in Positano, Italy
  68. Take a Cooking Class in Florence, Italy
  69. Zip-line for miles
  70. Go parasailing
  71. Jump into Jacob’s Well (2014)
    jaccobs well
  72. Yoga in Bali
  73. Stay in an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora
  74. Skydiving in Switzerland
  75. Visit the Colosseum in Rome
  76. Walk a length of the Great Wall of China
  77. Hike the Inca Trail (Machu Picchu)
  78. Get a meaningful tattoo (2015)
  79. Sail around the Mediterranean
  80. Go Scuba Diving
  81. Learn to sail and navigate a sail boat (happening 2016)
  82. Go zorbing
  83. Fly a plane (2016)
  84. Get my private pilot’s license (happening 2016)
  85. Hot Air Balloon ride (2005)
  86. Ride in a helicopter
  87. Swing from the Trapeze
  88. Write a book
  89. Learn to play piano
    Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 7.36.22 PM
  90. Get my yoga teacher certification (2016)
  91. Finish my nutrition certification (happening 2016)
  92. Attend a TED Conference
  93. Take a cooking class
  94. Take a photography class
  95. Take a bartending/mixology class
  96. Write my name in wet cement
  97. Make a wish on a shooting star
  98. Ride a horse on the beach
  99. Rock climb outside on real rocks
  100. Make my own wine

This honestly isn’t even my whole list, I tried to keep it to just 100 so as not to overwhelm you. Maybe next year I’ll let you in on what my other 100 things are 😉

What are somethings on your bucket list?

And what are somethings you’ve gotten to check off?