Before and After: Backyard Patio Remodel

Y’all…finally, FINALLY! All things construction in our house is over. Done. Finito. Goodbye loud noisy jackhammers and the constant smell of wet paint. Hello beautiful newly renovated patio (and bathroom but I’ll show you that another time).


Here’s what we did. We ripped up all those bushes. The pokey ones. The ones that, when you were a kid would cut you up. The ones designed by the devil. The ones whose existence is questionable. Those pokey bushes. Gone.

Then we, and by “we” I mean “they” dug up all the cobblestone. The rough cobblestone. The cobblestone that no one ever wants to walk on barefooted because it hurts your feet. That cobblestone. Gone.

Then we knocked down that ugly pony wall.

Poured stained concrete and cut big square blocks to give it a “tile” type look.

We gave it a fresh coat of colorful paint.

And voila.

Oh, you like our patio furniture? Thanks. We found it in the trash. Then we gave it a little make over by adding wood toppings and recovered the cushions. Good as new.

Ok so now who is coming over for a barbecue!

I want to grill out, sit underneath my twinkling lights, and drink some rose.


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