10+ Toddler Summer Activities

Woah there 100-degree weather! I don’t know what it’s like where you are, but we’ve been hitting the triple digits every day this week. Which means our daily walks to the park just aren’t happening. Be we definitely need to stay active because being locked up in the house with a 2-year-old is enough to drive this mama crazy.

If you’re in Dallas it’s your lucky day because I have a whole post on activities you can get out and do with your kiddos this summer:

If you’re not local, never fear, I’ve rounded up some great water activities for you to do at home with your toddler!

If you really want to get crafty, try making our DIY PVC Pipe Splash Pad. It will require more time to set up but you have a whole summer full of fun ahead of you.

DIY pvc pipe splash pad

Not ready for all of that? I get it. Try some of these instead…

Water balloon activities:

Source: milkallergymom.com

Water balloon Pinatas anyone? This looks so fun, I want to do it right now.

Source: icandy-handmade.com

Or maybe turn your water balloons into t-ball batting practice. (This is brilliant!)


Giant Bubbles Recipe Make your own Giant Bubbles

Bigger is always better right? So why not make the biggest bubbles your child has ever seen?

Bubble snake maker

Or maybe the longest bubble snake with an empty bottle and a sock?

Ice Ice Baby:

colored ice sensory play for babies

For the littles learners try simple colored ice or bubble foam!

source: @dayswithgrey

Painting Ice or squirting colored water into ice cubes is all the rage these days.

Poole noodles:

There are so many things you can do with a simple pool noodle!

noodle boats for swimming

You’ve seen the “noodle boats” we make for swimming. Just take it a pool noodle, fold in half and secure with some rope.

source: mrsplemonskindergarten.com

You can also cut them up, toss them in a kiddie pool for your child to go “fishing” with a bug net.

They can stack them (using shaving cream to get them to stick together better).

Fine motor fun - threading pool noodles
source: learning4kids.net

They can thread them.

They can dip them in water and stamp them on the ground, or dip them in the DIY chalk paint.

They can sort them by color.

Target game agility
source: parents.com photo: David Roth

Have bigger kids with lots of energy? Try making a fun obstacle course out of the pool noodles!

If you buy anything this summer, get yourself a couple of pool noodles!

summer toddler activities

What are your favorite summer activities to do with your toddler?