Texas Veggie Fair 2014

Yes the State Fair of Texas is 20 minutes from me, but I opted for a better fair this year, the Texas Veggie Fair!  This was the 5th annual Texas Veggie Fair here in Dallas. Last year, over 7000 people celebrated with food, products, live music, speakers, games, activities + information which promote healthier, kinder, more sustainable choices which lessen pain and destruction to people, animals, and planet.

The first 400 people there got a free bag of goodies and we just so happened to be 377 and 378! Here’s a peak into the goodie bag.

Basically at this event all the vegan and vegetarian friendly vendors in DFW come out and show off their stuff, give you good food to sample, and it is awesome!

Deep fried coke anyone? Gross! Not here! Pass me some Holy Kombucha instead!

bacon seitan cookie
Goodbye chicken fried bacon, hello ‘bacon’ seitan cookie sandwiches!

veg corny dog

Fletchers corny dog? No thank you. Vegan corny dog. Yes please!

vegan marshmellows

Vegan Marshmallows? Bring on the rice crispy treats!

vegan froyo

Did you know TCBY now has vegan options? Neither did I but as you can see I’m pretty pumped about it!

vegan mac and cauliflower

Bring on the Vegan Mac N’ Cheese with Buffalo Cauliflower! Thanks Whole Foods.

paige eats

Paige approves of the ‘cheesy’ goodness!

Still Hungry you say? Check out one of the many food trucks full of vegan options!
We hit up the Good Karma Kitchen. My cousin got the Organic Tri-Bean Chili Frito Pie

pass the food

…while I dug into the Spicy Asain Tacos!
asian tacos
These were quite tasty but man oh man my mouth was on fire after the second one! They should have labeled them “Extra Spicy!”

Aside from incredible food. They also have many great speakers and chef demonstrations. Last year we got to meet Fully Raw Kristina. She was there this year too
veg fair 13

But this year we got to meet Norman the pig!


The moral of the story is, if you missed it this year, make sure you don’t miss it next year and come hungry!

cousins at the veg fair

It was a great time and I was so glad to have my cousin all the way from Houston there with me rockin the RunLikeKale tanks! (email runlikekale@gmail.com to buy one)

Hope to see you there in 2015!