Sensory Bottles

Another rainy Wednesday perfect for some indoor sensory play fun. Today, we put together some more sensory bottles. What I love about this simple sensory play activity is that you get multiple uses out of it. I made one a couple months ago that we still use today.

This is also great for a wide range of ages. Young babies just learning to hold things will love staring at the colors and objects inside, and older babies will enjoy shaking it up and rolling it around on the ground. And all you need is an empty water bottle and some fun colorful things to put inside.

Sensory Bottles

What is your child learning?
Visual sensory is being stimulated
Development of motor skills
Development of language and vocab  (talk about colors and shapes)
Cause and Effect

What you need:

Water Bottles – I love the look of these empty 330ml VOSS bottles but any water bottle will do

Water and/or baby oil

Food coloring (optional)

Things to put inside such as:
pom poms, feathers, beads, plastic animals, water beads, flowers, letters, numbers, shells, etc…

Put your items in the bottle. Fill the water all the way to the top. Put the lid on tight. Shake shake shake.

Glitter *Calm Down* Bottles:
2 c warm water
1/3 c clear glue

Mix the glue and water together. Pour into the bottle. Add the glitter. Shake shake shake.

Left: with glue. Right: without glue

* It doesn’t work the same without the glue.

There are SO many variations out there. You can turn just about anything into a sensory bottle. Check out some of these fun ideas!

Click on the links below find out how to make them.

Anti-Gravity Galaxy Bottle
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Slow-Falling Beads
Seasons in a Bottle

Glow in the Dark Loom Band Bottle

Have you made a sensory bottle before? What did you put in yours?