Lovin’ Lately: 8 Natural Teething Relievers

Baby teething is the pits. Nothing worse than watching your poor sweet baby wail in pain and be unable to console them. It breaks my heart each time. I wanted to find some natural teething relievers for G and I thought I’d share what worked for us since there are so many things out there.

So here’s what we’ve been loving lately in the teething baby department.

Chew Beads Necklace: I hardly ever actually wear this because G always has hold of it and is gnawing away on it. He definitely likes it more than this little teether thing.

Amber Teething Necklace: I was skeptical of this a first. A necklace that my baby wears that is supposed to have immune system boosting and anti-inflammatory capabilities. Really? Yes, really.
G (who normally sleeps through the night) woke up three nights in a row crying of teething pains. I ordered this and had it on him by the 4th night and he has not woken up in pain since. I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence or actually works but I haven’t taken it off since and he hasn’t cried. 

Boiron Camila Teething Relief: These homeopathic teething drops that were recommended by our pediatrician. She said they were better and safer than the Highlands teething tablets. I gave these to him along with the amber necklace and something must’ve worked because he seemed better. The nice thing about Camilia Teething Tablets is that it also helps aid your baby’s digestion. Sometimes the whole teething process can cause digestive issues.

Punkin Butt Teething Oil: This was another thing recommended by my pediatrician said to be safer and better than all those orajel things. Simply massage the teething oil made from chamomile, clove, and peppermint essential oils onto your baby’s gums 

Copaiba Essential Oil: Mixed a drop of this with a tablespoon of coconut oil when he was only a few months old. This is†100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil If you want to order this Young Living Essential Oil let me know or you can use my distributor id: 3377569 when you sign up for a discount wholesale price. 

Boob Milk Pops- Take some pumped/expressed milk, or formula if that’s what you use and put them in these little baby popsicle trays. Or I like how this girl used pacifiers and an ice cube try. This was another one G really liked.

Frozen Wash Cloth– it’s a simple as that. Take a damp washcloth and freeze it for 30 min. G couldn’t stop chewing on these. The icy cold helps numb sore gums.

Raw Carrots – this was one of the first things we gave G to gnaw on when he showed signs of teething. We gave him big chilled carrots that we peeled and it was so cute watching him hold and chew on. 

How did you help soothe your baby’s teething pains?



  1. Hello!! I know your post is old but muy baby is teething i will likr to know at what time did you give camilia to your baby? Day ? Night? Thanks

    1. Hi Irene, I gave it to him at night because that is when he seemed to need it the most. If you look at the instructions on the box I think it says you can give it to them every 30 min if they need it. Since it is homeopathic it is very mild. But read the box yourself and check with your doctor as I am not one. Hope you find some relief for your little one!

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