Lovin’ Lately: CycleBar

We’re all looking for ways to improve our running. Cross training is great for building strength in different muscles to help prevent injuries later on. One fantastic method of cross training is cycling!

Last week I got invited to go try out the new Cycle Bar location in Dallas, and it exceeded all of my expectations. I don’t think I’ve ever smiled so much during a workout while simultaneously sweating my face off and panting for air. Now, mind you, most of the smiling was because I was laughing at my uncoordinated self, trying to do push ups while peddling on beat to the music. It’s ok though because the room was dark enough that no one could see me struggling back there.

I want you to take everything you know about your favorite gym cycle class and throw it out the window. It’s just not the same. That’s like comparing a gym yoga session to one at an actual yoga studio where the whole room was created to give you the optimal yoga experience down to the exact degree of room temperature. Cycle Bar created that room, but for bikes.

Everything was streamlined. From walking in the door to find clean clip-in bike shoes in your cubby number that coordinates your bike seat number, to having water bottles and fresh fruit snacks, to a locker with a built-in USB plug to charge your phone while you ride, to getting on the bike with a clean towel waiting, to leaving at the end of class, they have thought of everything.

The owner has done such a good job paying attention to all the little details that literally all you have to do is “show up, clip in, and ride”.

I really thrived off the high energy from the instructor and upbeat music in the room. On the screen of your bike, it shows you your “power”, RPMs,  resistance level, time, distance, and more. One of my favorite features was that with each song, the instructor would give you a goal RPM (revolutions per minute) to cycle at which would put you right on beat with the music playing! So everyone in the room is cycling on the beat. How cool is that?

“At CycleBar, you do arm sets, pushups, and upper body work while you’re pedaling the bike, so your heart rate never slows down. So you get a full-body strength session and a high-calorie burn session at the same time. It’s a win-win.”

Your first ride is FREE (man I love that word) so you might as well grab a friend and go check it out, you will not be disappointed.
And when you fall in love with it, it’s just 3 for $29 and $99 Unlimited Month for New Riders.  Also for the month of June, they offer free rides to all Dads on Fathers Day.

Happy cycling friends!