Lovin’ Lately: Baby Clothes

It is just so fun to dress up babies. It’s like having your very own live doll…except these diapers smell way worse. I feel like baby girls have it easier. There are tutu’s and big bows and rompers galore! I thought it would be harder to find cute baby boy clothes but have been happily surprised by all the cute, not cheesy things out there. I mean have you seen my baby is suspenders recently?…I die of cuteness overload.

First of all…hats. Girl’s get the darling bows and headbands, but boys get all the stinking precious beanies and hats…which I guess girls can wear too…ok fine they can wear everything!

I’m equally obsessed with the following two:

NOXX beanies...I own way too many of these but can’t seem to stop buying them. Dear Noxx, if you’re reading this, Hi, I love you, sponsor me.
They also have little girl headbands and beanies too. Totes presh.

George Hats… the cutest little baby trucker hats you ever did see. I only have this one. But trust me, if I could buy them all I would.

And now for little baby outfits.


Little Adi + Co – The little baby “bummies” are the cutest! I got a pair for G when he was itty bitty and loved them.

Finn & Vince- They have the cutest little rompers, bonnets, and baby harem pants. This is where I got those little Spicy Pepper pants for G.

And for just everyday styling, I’m always impressed with what I find at H&M and Zara for baby clothes! This is where we got all those snazzy suspenders for G.

Second-hand clothing stores. 

Let’s be real. Baby clothes can be dang expensive, especially when they’re just going to outgrow them in a couple of months. I looked online to buy G a pair of high top tennis shoes, and they were $50!! I couldn’t believe it. Nor could I justify paying that when he was only going to get a month’s worth of uses out of them. So let the bargain shopping begin.

Once Upon a Child and Kid to Kid, both sell gently used baby clothes. They will buy your clothes from you, and then you can use that cash you just made to buy some “new” ones. Win win.

I got these for of shoes for only $25. That’s half the price of what one pair would have cost me and 2 of them still had the original tags on them. The other 2 pairs I just threw in the washing machine and they came out good as new.

What are your favorite shops to find baby clothes?



  1. Dresses: Alice & Ames (they’re expensive) so my plan is to buy one a year for miss Lila starting at 2T. They’re the most magical, precious, twirly dresses! [wee.aliceandames.com]

    Headbands/Clips: Alice & Josie, Little Highbury & ShopLittleLu (All Etsy shops). I’m not big into the GIANT bows, so I adore the sweet simplicity and creative patterns of these shops. And LittleLu is the thick turban style which are quite helpful when your daughter is bald and you need to give a little more coverage on a chilly day.

    Kidizen: It’s like a super fancy pants online consignment shop and a place you can show off pics of your kid. I’ve actually sold some stuff on there, as well as bought stuff like jackets, shoes, dresses and even my gently used ErgoBaby. On the purchasing side, it’s not as cheap as Once Upon A Child, but it’s super user friendly and I adore it!
    It’s dangerous though because shops will offer discounts sometimes and if you have favorited an item, you’ll get a notification that it’s on sale….so of course then you HAVE to buy it….right away, right?!

    1. An online consignment shop? Oh my that does sound dangerous!…going to check it out right now! haha

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