Kaletastic Smoothies for Saint Patrick’s Day

Need something green for Saint Patty’s Day? Well you don’t have to feel bad about indulging in one, or two, or all four of these kaletastic smoothie finds!

I figure I have had enough kale, just this year, to turn me green from the inside out, so really no one can pinch me even if I’m not wearing green…right?

Here are 4 Kaletastic Smoothie finds for you :]
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kale kiwi smoothie

1. This Green Smoothie sounds so sweet, mixing kale with bananas, peanut butter, and kiwi! Yumm!

kale pina-covado smoothie

2. How clever is this “Kale Piña-covado” smoothie! I just love that name, along with everything else in this smoothie! Dre’s smothie sounds like a win!

kale pear cucumber smoothie

3. Now this Winter Green Smoothie is so different from my typical smoothie that it sounds refreshing comprised of ginger root, cilantro, cucumber, kale and juicey pears for sweetness!


4. Did someone say “Tastes-Like-Ice-Cream Kale Shake“?! Umm yes please!! The Blender Girl swears it “tastes like ice cream” and “will rock your world” and I believe her!

So which one are you going to try first?
What’s in your kale smoothie?

xXx Peace, Love, Kale xXx