How to Go Stroller Running With Your Baby in 20 Easy Steps

How to Go Stroller Running With Your Baby
in 20 Easy Steps


1.Pack up a l l the things. All the toys. All the snacks. All the drinks. Prepare for anything and everything.



2. Strap the ever so wiggly baby into the stroller. This may require some special maneuvering.



3. Don’t forget your own water, headphones, phone, keys, sunglasses, pepper spray, shoes, and hair tie…you will not forget the hair tie again! Because as much as you want your hair to look like Beyonce’s when you run…it just won’t and never will.



4. Smile. After 30 minutes of prepping you are now handsfree for the foreseeable future, the baby is happy, and you are ready to run out the door.



5. Make it not even one mile away from your house before you are practically knocked over by the stench of sewer. You look around. No one has thrown rotten eggs at or around you.You look down. You immediately know who the culprit is.



6. Pull over on the nearest patch of grass. Take the baby out of the stroller. Luckily you brought a change of diapers. You were prepared of course. This isn’t your first rodeo.



7. Realize that, even though your baby hasn’t had a real blowout in months, today he has skillfully managed to get it all the way up his backside.



8. You do not have another onesie. You weren’t that prepared.



9. Wrestle newly diapered, and practically naked baby back into stroller seat and pick up the toys he has thrown.


10. Realize that in the process you have gotten what is definitely not chocolate on your shirt too. It’s ok though because you’ve been wanting to try out this whole shirtless running craze everyone has been into. Sports bra running here you come.


11. Take shirt off. Take a breath. And start running again.

12. Try not to think about how since having your baby, every bouncy running step makes you feel like you need to pee a little.


13. Realize you really do have to pee.14. Search frantically for a bathroom, port-a-potty, something, anything, you don’t even care.



15. Try to maneuver yourself into the port-a-potty with the stroller. You’ve never noticed before just how huge this thing is! There is no way in heck this is going to fit.



16. Find a tree, far, far off the path.




17. Get running again. You’re finally in a good grove, surely the baby will fall asleep and you will be able to run for miles on end like the good ole days.



18. Try to ignore the fact that your baby is trying desperately to wiggle his way out of the seat. Maybe just slow down a little.




19. Finally, give up and pick up crying baby. Holding baby in one hand, and pushing the stroller with the other (why in the world did you even bring this thing?) walk all the way back home.


20. Plan to try again tomorrow, and make a mental note not to forget to bring extra clothes.


Which step can you relate to the most?


I have the Bob Revolution PRO jogging stroller. What do you run with?

Don’t forget the handlebar caddy or this handlebar organizer looks pretty cool. And your weather shield for those cold and rainy days.



  1. Pivot!! Love it! Super funny 🙂

  2. Number 12 allllll daaaay! LOL. Also, number 16.

    1. Riigghhtt! #momlife

  3. #12 and #13 even though my son is now 1 year old I cannot go for a run without wearing active depends and a poise impressa. And I was in pelvic floor physio for 5 months which helped in the sense that i can get up and walk quickly or run up the stairs and most of the time I can sneeze without issue (as long as I clench). Haha that was TMI.

    1. Riigghhhtt?! haha I feel like once you become a mom nothing is really tmi anymore!

  4. No 9 for me. getting that baby back in the stroller is hardwork!

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