These Are a Few of My Favorite Kitchen Things

So these definitely are not all of my favorite kitchen things. To be honest my list could go on and on. I could have easily added things like this french press, or these flip top bottles for my home brewed kombucha, or this electric hot water kettle (which I truly am in love with and use daily to make teas). But I didn’t want to overwhelm you with all the wonderful things I have in my kitchen so I decided to just keep it simple this time.

Some of these are huge kitchen staples that I could not live with out (like my juicer or vitamix), some are cute nic-nac things that my husband deems pointless but I just love (like the mugs and spice jars) and others are just handy to have around (like the palm peeler and spirooli).

My favorite running things will be coming soon.

kitchen favorites


1. Chalkboard Spice Jar: These are just too adorable to not want in every color.

2. Vitamix Blender:  You can just go ahead and throw away any other blender you have now and go invest in one of these babies. It will change your life.

3. Too Legit Coffee Mug: The mug says it all. This girl has so many other fun mugs as well! I wish I could own them all…

4. Spirooli  Tri-Blade Plastic Spiral Vegetable Slicer: I love this thing. I use it to turn veggies in to pasta noodles! A much healthier alternative to your regular flour pasta options. Your body will thank you.

5. Garlic Peeler: This handy dandy little thing takes the skin off the garlic in no time at all. Just plop the garlic bulb in there, roll back and forth, and bam its ready to chop in no time.

6. Aerolatte Handheld Milk Frother: Sometimes you just want nice frothy milk for your teas and lattes but you don’t want to bust out the expresso machine or fork over the money to buy a milk steamer. Well this little guy does the trick!

7. Omega VRT350HD – Vertical Single Auger Juicer: Another thing that gets used daily. I love this juices. It is a single auger juicer so it crushes the fruits and veggies instead of spins it thus keeping more of the nutrients because it is not getting whipped around and oxidized. And when it spits out the pulp it is dry to the touch so I know it’s getting all the juice out.

8. Chef’n Palm Peeler: I wish I could make you understand how passionate I am about this peeler. It is the best peeler I have ever had and makes peeling fruits and veggies (a job I normally loath) so quick and easy. It is the way it fits in the palm of your hand that makes it so user friendly. Don’t laugh at me, just go buy one and you’ll see.

 What’s in your kitchen? What is one thing that you could not live without?! Comment below.


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  1. Love the 2 Legit mug 🙂 In the next post maybe you should have us guess the item and the significance! lol! Btw, nice name for a blog. Was curious about the name and love your “I believe” statements. (Though still looking for the origin of the blog name!) I’ll definitely have to come back and read more entries!

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