A Cereal That’s Actually Good for You!

I get it. It’s Monday morning, you were in a rush, you wanted a quick breakfast fix so you reached for the box of cereal. It happens. We’ve all been there. But guess what, cereal really isn’t as good for you as the packaging leads you to believe. Many of the health benefits claimed for breakfast cereals depended on fortification rather than micronutrients from the raw ingredients, most of which were either destroyed by the process or stripped away before it.
I could go on about telling you why they aren’t actually that good for you, but why rewrite what has already been written. Here are some great sources you can go to to read more:

So let me show you how to make a cereal that is actually good for you. A cereal that is just as quick as it is nutritious! It is tasty and naturally sweet without any added sugars like those boxed kinds and it’s full of vitamins without having to add any synthetic ones!

Raw Cereal

 Add as much of your favorite raw fruits as you want!
this one has
1/2 cup blueberries
1 cut up peach
4 cut up figs
1 large banana cut up
a large handful of dried mulberries (this gives it that cereal “crunch”)
1/4 cup chopped nuts if desired – I added walnuts to mine
Sprinkle with coconut flakes and cinnamon over top
Pour some homemade almond milk over it or this >>Creamy Cashew Hazelnut Milk<< and eat!
You will never look at breakfast cereal the sam way again.
raw cereal via runlikekale