Texas’s Best Caviar

After 3 months of traveling I have finally landed back in good ole Texas (for now ;). It’s technically “fall” but definitely does not feel like it here yet. 95 and humid just doesn’t quite scream “pumpkin.” So while I want to start making pumpkin everything…we’re just not there yet. Maybe next week though, because I sure do have some fun ideas I want to test out.

texas caviar

Last weekend I went to a fun backyard BBQ at a neighbors and brought this crowd pleasing Texas Caviar! Being that it’s still warm out, I figured I’d stick to a cold side dish.

texas caviar2

And I thought Texas Caviar would be a great way to celebrate being back home.


I’ve had quite a few variations of this dish, some with just black beans, some with black eyed peas (which would be a fun twist for new year’s), and some without cilantro *gasp*. However, I’ve never had it with avocado, and I think I’ve found the winning combination here so get ready! I’ve never had “real caviar,” but I can’t imagine it being as good as this. We do it right in the south.



Texas’s Best Caviar

1, 28oz can Black Beans
1, 16oz can White Beans
3-4 Roma Tomatoes (diced)
1 bunch of green onions (diced)
1/2 bunch cilantro (finely chopped)
2 stalks of sweet corn on the cob, cut the kernels off (you can use a can, but fresh is best)
1 lime, juiced
2 large avocados (diced)
1 cup (8oz) your favorite Italian Dressing

Pour it all into a big bowl, mix away until it is all coated in the dressing, and dig in! It’s that simple.


Use it as a dip for chips.
Use it as filling for little lettuce wrap tacos.
Or just have it as a tasty side and dig in with a spoon.


What is your favorite goto dish to bring to parties?