14 Baby Feeding Products You’ll Love


I know yall remember my rant about starting solids and how the internet told me no matter what I did I was wrong! I’m just glad we’re over that hurdel now and G has been lovin himself some solid foods these last few months. So for this weeks “lovin lately” series, I wanted to share with you some of the baby feeding products we’ve been lovin.

Reusable Pouches – These things are awesome! When we’re out and about and I just want something quick to be able to give him to feed himself I pull these out.

We’ve had a lot of success with doing Baby Led Weaning with G, so I don’t ever actually make any purees to spoon feed him. But I discovered these reusable pouches. I had stayed away from purchasing pouches because they’re not cheap. At an average of $3-7 a pop that adds up quickly.

But I love that I can just quickly throw some stuff in a blender pour it in these, and they’re ready to go. I’ll blend up sweet potatoes from the night before with some cinnamon and coconut milk. Mangos with some gluten free rolled oats. Pears and Peas. Whatever smoothie I made myself that morning. Sometimes I’ll add some chia seeds if it needs a little thickening.

Weighted Straw Sippy Cup  My baby is still a baby but all the sudden the pediatrician is like, time to start introducing a sippy cup. Say what?! Welp, we tried a couple and this has been our favorite. The straw has a weighted dingle-hopper-thingy so no matter which way the babe moves the cup, upside-down or right-side-up, it falls into the water and he can easily take a sip. He is one independent water drinker with this thing.

Baby Apron because babies are messy and sometimes the regular bib doesn’t provide enough coverage. I’m not about to give him a bath after every meal.

Silicone Highchair Coveragain, because babies are messy and I like that I can just roll this thing up when I’m done and throw it into the sink, food and all.

BPA Free Silicone Straws G loves straws. If we’re out and I’m drinking something with a straw in it, you bet your bottom dollar he’s going to grab it and try to drink it. These are the straws I use in my cups and I LOVE them for myself (those metal ones are just too hard for me).

Take n’ Toss Straw Cups – Like I just said, G loves my straws and always tries to steal mine right out of my cup. In fact, anytime I’m drinking a smoothie he will find a way to grab my straw and fling delicious smoothie mess all over the place.

These $2 cups are the perfect solution. I can just pour my extra smoothie in a cup for him and problem solved. The straw fits tightly enough that he can’t pull it out and make a mess. They’re technically called “take and toss” cups, but I’ve just been washing them out and reusing them.


Once Upon a Farm food pouches – I know, I know, I just said up top about how I like to make all G’s food, but sometimes you just don’t have time for all that nonsense and want something quick. But at the same time, I don’t want any of that yucky, tasteless, brown musty shelf-stable “baby food” with most the nutrients zapped out of them like the majority of companies are selling.

Once Upon a Farm pouches are honestly the freshest I have found.

There site proudly proclaims that “you won’t ever find any preservatives, concentrates or processed purees. Just fresh, whole ingredients picked in season from our partner farms, Cold Pressure Protected, refrigerated and delivered fresh from farm to highchair™.”

The “High Pressure Pascalization (HPP) or ‘Cold-Pressure,’ refers to the process by which fresh food products, such as juice and baby food, are preserved as opposed to heat.
HPP is a method of preserving packaged food products using extremely high pressure. The process leads to the elimination of any potentially harmful bacteria while maintaining a higher yield of vitamins, minerals and enzymes, and preserving a fresher taste than thermal pasteurization.”

I’ve tasted them myself and they are good! Imagine that, giving our babies food that actually tastes good. Get your FREE trial and just pay shipping.


*Disclaimer. Once Upon a Farm did send me some free pouches to sample, but my thoughts and opinions are all my own.

***EDITED: added on 9/25/17****

Now that G is a little older we’ve found some more products we love:

Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup

G loves drinking out of a cup like a big kid, but he hasn’t quite mastered it. These spillproof cups that help babies learn to drink like they would out of a cup. When the child bits down on the edge it allows the drink to come out but if you just turn it up side down it doesn’t leak! Can I get an amen.


 Kizingo Kids Curved Toddler Spoon

I get questions all the time about the spoon G uses. He’s been using this for the last couple months (since he turned one) and is now a pro at feeding himself with a spoon. The way the spoon is curved makes it so much easy for babies to learn to bring the food up to their mouth. It works with them instead of against them. There is a right-handed and a left-handed option.

Gerber Kiddy Fork

G does a great job feeding himself with this fork.



I don’t know why I didn’t get a splat mat for under the highchair earlier! Easy to wipe up and keeps the floor clean!



EZPZ Mini  Happy Mat
This is what I’ve been using to put G’s food in to keep everything separate. I think it makes it easier to use the spoon and fork when it’s in this and not just spread all over his high chair.


Camelback Water Bottle
We also love these camelback water bottles. I love that they come in so many different cute prints.


Snack Catcher

I actually haven’t tried this product yet but have had many people recommend it.



What are your baby feeding essentials?? Tell me in the comments below!



  1. How did you teach G how to use a straw?

    1. I’m not sure actually. I just kept giving it to him and he would suck up the water. Babies know how to suck already just from breastfeeding or bottle feeding. I think starting off with the zoli cup may have helped because it has a straw but he could tilt it back like a bottle and still drink since the bottom part is weighted and will go where the liquid is.

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