15 Vegan Pantry Items From 2015 That I Can’t Live Without via Knead To Cook

Is it really the last day of 2015?! I can’t believe it. What a whirlwind of a year! Well to end this year I want to introduce you to one of my favorite people out there, Robin, the beautiful lively vegan & gluten free foodie/blogger, recipe creator, world traveler, and ultra-marathoner behind @Knead_To_Cook. Seriously, if you have had any interaction with her at all, then you know she is the kindest, most positive and motivating people out there. She will cheer you on and make you feel like she’s you’re biggest fan. We’ve never “officially” met, but I already feel like she’s a dear friend. Nothing but positive words and good vibes coming from this one.
I’m super excited she chose to share with us her “15 Vegan Pantry Items From 2015 That I Can’t Live Without.” These are the grocery items to add to your list for you’re healthier happier 2016!

15 Vegan Pantry Items From 2015 That I Can’t Live Without

By: Robin from KneadToCook

Partnering with runlikekale.com to highlight 15 vegan pantry items that I can’t live without.  These items mix and match and whip up meals from breakfast through dinner along with delicious treats along the way.  As an active runner, these products fuel my body with the necessary energy I need daily.  I hope you love them as much as I do.

So without further adieu, let’s gets this rolling.

1. Bob’s Redmill gluten free rolled oats.  I use these for classic oatmeal, overnight oats to grinding down to baking flour.

2.  Bob’s Redmill gluten free baking flour.

3.  Black rice.  A good rule of thumb is that if a food has intense color (think red bell pepper, red cabbage, or yams) will have more vitamins and minerals.  Those pigments pack a healthy punch!

4.  Quinoa.  Packed with protein, this pasta or rice substitute can be used for breakfast right on to lunch or dinner.  8 grams of protein per cup of cooked quinoa.  It’s also great in soup!

5. Brown rice pasta in various shapes.  We eat as much gluten free as possible (my daughter and  I are completely gf) and this pasta replaces traditional pasta.  It works with red sauce, pesto, in soups – you name it.

6.  Nuts!  All the nuts.  Such a wonderful source of protein and have literally hundreds of uses.  My staples are raw almonds, cashews, pistachios, pepitas, sunflower seeds, pecans, walnuts… the list goes on.  I love raw cashews to soak to make cashew cream for puddings, sauces to thicken soups to make my raw pies.  Plus I snack on these constantly.

7.  Dried fruit (find the most unprocessed that you can).  I have Medjool dates, raisins, dried tart cherries or crystallized ginger without sugar.  I add these to cookies, energy bites and just for snacking.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 7.34.06 PM

8.  Vega protein powder and bars.  I have and use Vega protein powder daily.  I use it for smoothies to baking.  It is another wonderful, clean source of protein to help recover muscles after hard workouts.


9. Vegan chocolate.  Any dark chocolate – look for the highest precent of cacao will be vegan. I typically use 75-80% bars.  Enjoy Life also makes great vegan chocolate chips.

10.  Nut butters.  Seriously I have an entire cabinet of nut butters.  Almond, cashew, mixed nuts to peanut.  Look for the least ingredients possible. You really only need the nut itself as the ingredient.  I use it in my morning smoothies to a snack off a spoon.

11.  Lentils.  Lentils are another powerhouse of protein and can be added to soups, salads or used in a lentil loaf replacing meat.  18 grams of protein per cup.  They come in various colors from black to green. I love them in soups.  My favorite.

12.  Canned organic fire roasted tomatoes.  I use these once I run out of my homemade summer roasted tomatoes.  Great for soup, to marinara sauce to pizza sauce.  It’s one of those staples to have on hand to whip up a really fast dinner too.  Healthy and lots of vitamins too.  I prefer the fire roasted for the depth of flavor.

13.  Dijon mustard. My preference by far is Maille.  Perfect for a sandwich spread, sauce or dip.  My latest obsession is Maille Dijon over roasted beets.  Seriously cannot get enough.  It’s definitely a staple you need on hand.  They also come in a wide variety of flavor combinations that are fabulous.

14.  Organic, non GMO popcorn kernels.  I love making my own popcorn.  Heat up  a saucepan with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and add 1/4 cup of kernels.  Cover and give it a good shake.  Once the popping is over, pour into a bowl.  Which leads me to my final must-have…

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 7.32.47 PM

15.  Nutritional yeast.  This fun little product smells… well – off but tastes great and gives vegans that cheesy flavor you may miss.  I add flakes to my popcorn or to my cashew cream to make a vegan mac n cheese along with the Dijon mustard.  Yum!

I hope you enjoy my list and check out my website for recipe ideas for any of these products.