15 Things I Learned From 2015 to Apply to 2016

Oh hey there everyone! We’re already 3 weeks into 2016 and I’m just now getting this out. Hashtag blogfail. I know. But goodness the beginning of this year took off like a whirlwind! The weekend after New Year’s we had family in town, then that first Monday I began Yoga Teacher Training to get my yoga certification. It’s an incredible program, but it’s 12 hours a day (not including the extra hours you study once you’re finally get home), 5 days a week, thus not leaving me much time for anything else since the year has began! I eat, sleep, and breath yoga these days. While I am really enjoying it, I’m also looking forward to finishing and getting a break. Maybe I’ll finally get to go for a run again.

So since we’re so far into the New Year, I feel kind of weird putting this out now. But I guess better late than never right? Maybe I should put “less procrastination” on my list of New Years resolutions for this year! Ha. Anyone else still “fine tuning” their resolutions, i.e. still haven’t had time to really sit and think through them, let alone write them? You too? Ok good. Let’s be friends.

So without further adieu, here are 15 Things I Learned From 2015:

1. One year can go by so fast. It’s crazy how much can happen in just the span of one year. How much can change. How people can change. How thoughts and dreams can change.

one year

2. Focus on one thing at a time. I often find myself trying to juggle and do a million things at once. While I may get 3 things done at a time, it compromises the quality in which I do it in. Whereas if I would just focus on one thing, then I would have more time and energy to do it with excellence. Quality over quantity.

3. Work on those friendships and be intentional. Like I said before, you never know what’s going to happen in a year. Love the people who are in your life now.

4. Your job is NOT your identity. You can read all about how this year I quit a job I loved and had to learn this first hand! And it wasn’t easy.

when they grow up

5. Have goals and keep moving forward. Once I complete a goal, I’m always looking forward to the next one I set. I don’t like to sit around with nothing to chase after. You have so much life in you. Don’t become stagnant.

6. Do you. And do it for youHaters gonna hate, but no one else has to live your life.

7. Take time for yourself. Learn to sit and reflect. What fun is living if you’re just going, going, going and never take the time sit back and enjoy it. To enjoy you. It’s okay to say “no” and take time for you. People understand. I promise.


8. If it’s important, make time for it. Stop putting you’re dreams on the back burning. If you want it, start by making time for it. Even 10 minutes a day to just think about it is a step in the right direction.

9.  Ask. For. Help. Chances are, you are NOT the best in that area. Why take 6 months to learn from your own mistakes, when you can ask someone else who’s been through it and learn from their mistakes in 6 minutes? Yes, please.


10. Be vulnerable. I’ll just let this incredible TED talk by Berne Brown on The Power of Vulnerability say it all for me. Take the time and watch it.

11. Try new things. You might fail at first but that’s ok. Don’t let the fear of failure paralyze you from the gift of enjoying a new experience.


12. Be a life long learner. Just like trying new things, there is so much out there to learn. I absolutely LOVE learning new things. Right now, I’m learning to be a yoga teacher. And after that, I’ll be finishing my nutrition certification. And after that, I think I’ll learn to fly a plane. And after that, I’ll learn to sail. And the list goes on. The world is your oyster. But along the sam lines, don’t think you know it all because you don’t. No one can. So be open to hearing and receiving what others say. And then research it yourself.

13. The world is a big place. This year I got to travel the world! Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Colorado, Utah, and there is just SO much to be seen. The world is an incredible place, with incredible things to be seen and experienced, and people to be loved.


14. Don’t put yourself in a box. You’re the only one who can limit yourself. You are so much more than what you do and what you know. This year, when I took a break from teaching, and took myself out of that box, it’s like a whole new world opened up to me.

15. Mind over matter. You are stronger than you think. I never in a million years thought I would run a 52 mile trail race. That just seemed insane, and quite frankly, impossible. But guess what, I did it, And so can you. You’re mind is a powerful thing. It’s incredible what we can push our bodies to do.

It might be hard. But you’ll survive. The situation you are in now is only temporary.


Bring on 2016! I’m so ready to take all the things I learned from this last year and apply it to this new year. I have so many great goals and expectations for 2016! Can’t wait to share them with you soon.