15 Strength Moves From 2015 via Angie Stewart Fitness

I am extra excited for todays #12From2015 to introduce to you @AngieStewartFitness! I’m convinced she is one of the hardest working people out there. From being certified in National Strength and Conditioning Association, to Optimum Performance Training Certification for the Prenatal Client, to being a Certified Yoga Instructor and everything in between, she knows her stuff and I would trust her advice without question.
She has worked her bum off the last couple years to create and bring to you her Road to Awesome program because she is “passionate about empowering people to live their best life”.  The Road to Awesome plans will not only help you sweat daily and eat more nourishing foods but also teach them how to believe bigger to crush any goal. AND guess what? She’s offering her 12 Day Holiday Workout Videos for FREE right now! girl is legit!

15 Strength Moves From 2015
By: Angie Stewart

I am a true southern girl, a Savannah, GA native who has been out in LA for 12 years now, coming out here for the sake of learning more and sharing more in the fitness industry. I have a Master of Public Health (MPH) and am a CSCS (certified strength and conditioning specialist) a credential used by the NCAA.  I am a mother of 2 and a recent Southern California Masters Champ through the USATF in the 1500 meter run.  I set that big scary goal in walking the walk with you on the Road to Awesome and asking you to do the same with whatever big goal you want to accomplish. I love helping others and feel that’s why we are here – to help others with the gifts you have been given so you in turn can use yours!

Here we go, my top 15 Strength Moves From 2015:IMG_1149

1. Single leg hops – reverse lunge and hop powerfully


2. Burpees – chest to deck and jump as pictured

jump rope

3. Jump rope – best portable exercise there is…


4. Squats – get low, chest high and attitude even higher


5. Play: Visit Farm Sanctuary, play with the animals and learn what this wonderful

organization does


– get outside with the kids – have races, play volleyball and crawl like a bear

donkey kicks

– Donkey Kicks with a sidekick (pic with my son and I kicking)


– Handstand anywhere even at the National Air and Space Musuem – just get out of

your own way and do it!

plank rows

6. Plank Rows

sit up press

7. Sit Up Press

flying pigeon

8. Flying Pigeon – believe you can and you are halfway there! Try before you are


sissor abs

9. Ab Scissors

pike press

10. Pike Press – bend elbows and straighten. To modify, put feet on the floor as in

Downward Dog.


11. Elevated Spiderman’s

runners lunge

12. Runner’s Lunge – Deep lunge and stay a while after the workout

push ups

13. Push Ups – aka pups

leg swing

14. Leg swing warm up – swing long and tall


15. Run like the wind – because you can, because it is a gift not afforded to all,

because you are a better person when you do. Crawl, walk or run, do what you can

and grow from there! Happy 2015’ everyone, Rooting for you now and in the new

year, Angie