15 Highlights From 2015 via Organic Spartan

Day three of the #15From2015 series and today I would like to introduce you to JJ, also known as @OrganicSpartan. God is clearly first in his life, and then from that he is an incredible husband to @MrsTiscareno, and dad to the two cutest little girls. He is a vegan, a runner, and all around explorer of life, and an NASpartan ranked in the top 150 worldwide in elite points! Basically, I don’t think there is anything this guy can’t do! After reading some of his 15 Highlights from 2015, you are definitely going to want to follow along and see what 2016 holds for this guy! He will not disappoint.

15 Highlights From 2015

By: JJ Tiscareno

1. I volunteered for an ultramarathon which is something I’ve wanted to do for awhile and to be able to aide and cheer on all the runners!

organic spartan

2. Got to watch one of my favorite bands (Mile Greene) play live at SXSW in Austin!

3. Ran the Captn Karls night trail series 60k and beat my time from the year before by over 30 minutes!

organic spartan

4. Ran the Spectrum trail series 12 hour solo race. I ran the first 24 miles and strained my quad but was still able to walk another 15 miles for a total of 39 miles.

5. My wife Amy started her bakery business>> The Tiny Bakery!

organic spartan

6. I was a 2015 ambassador for Topo Athletic who design and create awesome trail shoes!

7. I taught myself how to play the ukulele.

organic spartan

8. Visited Prada Marfa which is a small building considered “art” literally out in the middle of no where west Texas!

9. I started practicing yoga and even won a yoga challenge on Instagram!

organic spartan

10. I caught a mild case of viral meningitis back in August and have never felt so sick! Lol

11. I randomly ran into and got to meet the awesome “CollardCowgirl” from Instagram in Austin and she is an amazing inspiration! @collardcowgirl

organic spartan

12. My youngest daughter Preely started walking earlier this year and now running everywhere!

13. I taught my oldest daughter Aislyn how to drum to music and beat on everything from actual drums to counter tops and boxes. Lol


14. I ended my Spartan Race season being ranked in the top 150 worldwide in elite points!

15. I hiked and ran all over Texas and caught as many sunsets as possible to capture God’s canvas in action!

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