WW#2 Colorado Threads Yoga Pants

I saw a meme once that said “diamonds were a girls best friend…until yoga pants.” Admit it ladies, yoga pants are the best. And we all have our favorite pair. The pair that we never want to take off. That pair that we wear for two days in a row, because we didn’t actually work out in them so they’re “not really dirty.” You know what I’m talking about. We wait through the long hot summer months to get to this glorious season where yoga pants are now an accept “daily wear.” Sorry boys. They’re just so dang comfy. I wish you could really understand this. Maybe it would be equivalent to you just hanging out in your boxers all day.

yoga pants

When I was in Colorado this past week, my friend introduced me to these bad boys.


How fun are these Colorado Native Yoga Pants! I love the Colorado colors and flag on them. They are thin, but super soft and warm and comfy and I never want to take them off. You can purchase them HERE. I’m wearing a small and they fit perfectly.


They are by a local clothing brand that makes incredibly unique Colorado clothing in Denver, Colorado called >>> Colorado Threads Clothing!
Per there website: ” All the products that we make are hand crafted form scratch at our boutique manufacturing facility in Denver.  Our local manufacturing operation allows us to make our clothing from the ground up with the same quality and detail that you’ve come to expect from brands that are 100 times our size.  All while supporting Colorado jobs and providing Coloradans with a locally made product!” Colorado Threads yoga pants are my jam!

Denver Colorado Shirt

One more shirt I had to share (because it makes me chuckle) is this one ^^^
It comes in girls and guys t-shirts and tanks.  I found it in a shop called Fancy Tiger Clothing. On their about page, all they have is a quote that says “Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.” -Orson Wells. I like them already.

I hope this week you get outside and find a mountain to climb, or a hill, or ok maybe just successfully climb out of bed in the morning.

Peace, Love & Kale

P.S. Where do your favorite yoga pants come from?