The Trick to a Great Kale Salad…and a Simple Kale Favorite

Incase you missed it, National Kale Day was October first. Yes it’s a real thing! There’s pretty much a national day for everything these days. It falls on the first Wednesday in October each year! So now you can be better prepared for next year 🙂

happy kale day

“What’s the trick to a good kale salad?” I always get asked this question. The answer is simple. Massage it.
Kale leaves have this natural waxy coating that is great for protecting them from rain. Unfortunately, it also protects them from salad dressing, which does not make for a delicious salad. Rubbing/massaging the leaves with a little oil and salt before dressing them actually removes this waxy coating, so that the leaves better absorb the dressing. (source/more tips)

avocado kale salad

 So Instead of just tossing the kale leaves in dressing with salad tongs like you would spinach or romain you have to really get your hands in their to massage it and really mix everything together and make sure you’ve coated every leaf. 

lemon avocado kale salad

Here is one of my favorite kale salads, because it is SO easy and always a crowd pleaser. I have watched people who tell me they “don’t like kale” stand over this salad bowl and shamelessly pick out the leaves, eating them with their fingers!

salt for avocado kale salad

Now if that isn’t a testament to the goodness of this salad I don’t know what is.

massage the kale


This is my go to salad. It tastes awesome just like this or if you are in the mood for a heartier kale salad it’s the perfect base for toping with quinoa, corn, black beans, and tomatoes!

4 ingredient kale salad

Massaged Avocado Kale Salad

1 head of kale leaves- remove the leaves from the rib
1/2 lemon
1/2 avocado
corse ground sea salt >> click HERE to read more about why sea salt is good for you


After removing the rib and stem, tear up the kale leaves and put into a bowl. Add the avocado, juice of 1/2 lemon (can more or less depending on taste preference and lemon size) , and large pinch of sea salt.
Now get your hands in their and massage away for 3-5 minutes or until the kale is no longer tough.

massaged avocado kale salad2

Get a fork, or just use your hands like my friends do, and chow down!