For all things “currently” going on in our lives.

LOVING my new short hair cut! I warned you I was going to do it. 10 inches gone and done. My head feels so light and free! I think I just got hours of my life back.

WORKING ON putting together a local event with an indoor cycling place. Stay tuned 😉

WATCHING Insta Stories! Haha but really I don’t think I’ve watched a single tv show the last couple of weeks.

READING One in a Million Boy and Dear Mr. Knightly. Or I guess I should say I just finished these. Dear Mr. Knightley is a contemporary novel written in the form of letters with a delightful dash of Jane Austen. Definitely a fun read.  And I found One in a Million Boy to be a wonderful quirky story of courage and redemption and acceptance.

LISTENING TO the What Should I Read Next podcast and loving it! Seriously, if you want your “To Be Read” book list to never be the same again then I dare you to start listening. Which brings me to…

Photo: Modern Mrs. Darcy

INSPIRED BY this Summer Reading Guide she ^ just put out of 30 handpicked titles divided into 6 categories: Twisty Novels, Hostory+, Thought Provoking Stories, Intense Novels, Families are Complicated, and Beachy Reads!

THINKING ABOUT what the heck I’m going to pick to read next off this list. Maybe At Home in the World by Tsh Oxenreider? Have you read it yet?

DRINKING rosé. Bring on summers by the pool! A friend and I did a little rose wine tasting last weekend it was so fun. This was our favorite find: Brooks Pinot Noir Rose 2016 “The wine has a surprising richness, making this more of a serious sipper, with medium bodied and delicious mouthwatering long finish.  Slightly candied cherry with wild herbs, watercress, heather and blooming wild spring pea flowers.”
What’s your summer drink?

DREAMING OF all of this ^^ pool + books + rose

MISSING the beach. Let’s go! Anyone?? Bueller?

TRYING to shake up my workout routine by actually going to the gym and adding in some weight lifting, which I rarely do. So far so good. What’s your favorite gym workout? Help a sister out.

LEARNING to live in a life under construction…no literally, my bathroom remodel still isn’t finished. Pray for me.

WEARING these new shoe’s I just snagged for 40% off because Nordstrom is having their Half-Yearly Sale until June 4th! I also wanted to buy these and these but somehow refrained.
I’m sorry and you’re welcome. Happy shopping xox

NEEDING a nap…no scratch that…a full week of sleep.

EXCITED ABOUT our patio being done! Well, basically. We still need to repaint the sides of the house (how do we feel about navy?) and seal the concrete, but Griffin and I have been hanging out and playing back there anyways! 

I love when y’all play along! Copy and past this in the comments and let me know what you’re currently up to.

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